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Enotia developed the Prosiss Social Media Activity Management Platform to provide our clients with a simple but effective way to:

  • Plan, Collaborate, Execute and Monitor day to day Social Media activities
Prosiss is a password-protected, interactive, calendar-based system that is hosted securely on the Enotia Server Network.

Prosiss provides our clients with secure, 24/7 access to their tailored 365 Day Social Media Activity Program, produced and personally overseen by their dedicated Social Media Consultant.

Prosiss facilitates collaboration and interaction while providing a platform for all stakeholders to view all aspects of day to day Social Media engagement organised into a simple list of daily tasks.

Annual subscription to Prosiss includes regular scheduled telephone sessions with your Social Media Consultant, comprehensive Social Media activity analysis and reporting, daily tips and tactics by Social Media professionals, access to your 365 day Social Media Activities and much more at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time Social Media Community Manager.

12 months subscription to Prosiss delivers many benefits to our clients including:

  • Secure, 24/7 access to your tailored 365 day Social Media Activity Planner and Management Platform
  • See all your day to day Social Media activities, as planned by your dedicated Social Media Consultant, in simple to understand calendar format
  • Exclusive access to inspirational daily Social Media tips and tactics produced by Social Media professionals
  • Access all your historic Prosiss platform activity
  • Seasonal and special reminders and alerts
  • Comprehensive Social Media activity reporting and one-on-one performance analysis with your dedicated Consultant
  • Meeting and event reminders
  • Interactive functions include:
    Edit your daily event and activities
    Add new events and activities
    Mark events and activities completed with a single click
    Easily and add notes, documents, images and files
    Create automatic e-mail alerts and reminders for yourself or other stakeholders in seconds
  • Your dedicated Social Media Consultant, who will have access to your Prosiss account, will monitor your activities and your performance reporting and provide ongoing strategy and related guidance during regular, scheduled communications
  • Access to unlimited FREE Prosiss platform tuition and support