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Professional Guidance And More

Enotia (developers of the iASP™ platform) provides affordable, professional Social Media services to Australian businesses of all sizes.

Our proven approach takes the guesswork and the hassle out of using Social Media to build and engage a community around your business.

  • No fluff, no rhetoric, no spin
  • Instead, a solid, tailored, accountable, on-going approach to Social Media for your business
Successful Social Media engagement requires commitment, planning, structure, collaboration, knowledge and investment of resources.

We do more than explain the facts. We walk with you through every step of the process.

  • We help clients who are new to Social Media and don't know where to start
  • We help clients who have invested resources into Social Media but have not successfully engaged their audience or achieved their goals
  • We help clients who have given their competitors a head-start to quickly regain the lost ground
If you think Social Media is just another sales and marketing platform you really don't know most of the story.

We will show you the complete picture and help bring your Social Media engagement to life.

Professional Guidance And More

The ultimate aim of all Social Media strategy is to establish, grow and nurture a community interacting with your business and your brand.

Of course along the way the investment needs to pay its way...and setting goals, measuring performance and generating return on investment are among the key areas our services cover.

We provide the knowledge and the tools to help our clients develop and execute successful Social Media strategy.

  • We help clients set and achieve realistic goals
  • We help clients identify and engage their target audience
  • We help clients plan and implement their day to day Social Media activities
  • We help clients test and measure their performance and adjust their approach accordingly
The rewards from successful engagement in Social Media are many and varied, on the other hand the consequences of ill advised activity can cause serious damage to a business and a brand.

Of all business initiatives, some can be approached on a "learn as you go" basis, while others, like Social Media engagement, require a more considered approach.

Enotia provides all the knowledge and resources required to help make informed decisions about Social Media engagement, to develop and to implement efficient and effective Social Media strategy.


The first step in our approach towards advising clients on Social Media engagement is research.

We determine compatibility with the services we provide by inviting all the relevant stakeholders to complete a confidential on-line questionnaire.

An experienced Social Media consultant then analyses the information to determine factors such as:

  • Target audience
  • The compatibility of products or services from a Social Media perspective
  • The resources and investment required to deliver positive outcomes from Social Media engagement
Our recommendations are then presented in plain, jargon free English. We explain the indicative resources needed to invest into Social Media, and the returns that should be expected for that investment.

  • Our research will determine whether or not you are likely to gain significant benefits from our services
  • We will explain our findings and if we are not compatible, we'll explain why and help you find a more suitable service provider
  • If we determine there is a strong case to work together, we'll present that case along with all the facts about the next steps
To this point there is no cost or obligation.


Our Social Media collaboration begins with an on-site, tailored Social Media Workshop, presented by an experienced Social Media Consultant.

Comprising around 70 discussion points, the highly informative session is designed to involve all the relevant stakeholders in your business in the process from the outset.

We look at Social Media in general and in particular how it relates to your business. We look at how competitors are using Social Media platforms and how your business can approach Social Media engagement to best effect.

The Workshop discussion points include:

  • An Introduction to Social Media
  • Social Media Pop Quiz
  • Social Media Myth Busters
  • Social Media Media Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube
  • Building and Managing your Social Media Community
  • Social Media Commercial Realities and Considerations
  • Your Social Media Strategy
The Social Media Workshop Package also includes production and delivery of a tailored Social Media Strategy Development Guide and Social Media Policy Development Guide.


Within days of your workshop, we'll deliver your tailored 30 - 35 page Social Media Strategy Development Guide.

  • Your Social Media Goals
  • Your Audience
  • Your Recommended Social Media Platforms and How to Use them
  • Your Content
  • Your Community
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Managing Feedback
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Return on Investment
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Planning your Activities
  • The Next Steps
You'll also receive a copy of our Social Media Policy Development Guide. A complimentary bonus that will save you days of work.


Enotia developed the Prosiss Social Media Activity Management Platform to provide our clients with a simple but effective way to:

  • Plan, Collaborate, Execute and Monitor day to day Social Media activities
Prosiss is a password-protected, interactive, calendar-based system that is hosted securely on the Enotia Server Network.

Prosiss provides our clients with secure, 24/7 access to their tailored 365 Day Social Media Activity Program, produced and personally overseen by their dedicated Social Media Consultant.

Prosiss facilitates collaboration and interaction while providing a platform for all stakeholders to view all aspects of day to day Social Media engagement organised into a simple list of daily tasks.

Annual subscription to Prosiss includes regular scheduled telephone sessions with your Social Media Consultant, comprehensive Social Media activity analysis and reporting, daily tips and tactics by Social Media professionals, access to your 365 day Social Media Activities and much more at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time Social Media Community Manager.

12 months subscription to Prosiss delivers many benefits to our clients including:

  • Secure, 24/7 access to your tailored 365 day Social Media Activity Planner and Management Platform
  • See all your day to day Social Media activities, as planned by your dedicated Social Media Consultant, in simple to understand calendar format
  • Exclusive access to inspirational daily Social Media tips and tactics produced by Social Media professionals
  • Access all your historic Prosiss platform activity
  • Seasonal and special reminders and alerts
  • Comprehensive Social Media activity reporting and one-on-one performance analysis with your dedicated Consultant
  • Meeting and event reminders
  • Interactive functions include:
    Edit your daily event and activities
    Add new events and activities
    Mark events and activities completed with a single click
    Easily and add notes, documents, images and files
    Create automatic e-mail alerts and reminders for yourself or other stakeholders in seconds
  • Your dedicated Social Media Consultant, who will have access to your Prosiss account, will monitor your activities and your performance reporting and provide ongoing strategy and related guidance during regular, scheduled communications
  • Access to unlimited FREE Prosiss platform tuition and support


Every business is different and we tailor our Social Media services accordingly. Common areas we assist with include:

Social Media Profile Development

  • Professional launch (or re-launch) of corporate Social Media Profiles & Presences
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others
  • Includes custom graphic design elements
  • Includes telephone consultation with Social Media professional and launch (or re-launch) content article(s) by agreement
  • Social Media platform training and support
Ad-hoc Social Media Training and Consultation

  • Access to a dedicated Social Media Consultant at an affordable hourly rate
  • Telephone and on-site consultation available
Social Media Community Management

From a single consultant working for you for 30 minutes each weekday right through to managing a team of dedicated consultants on your behalf, we provide all the assistance you need to you harness the power of Social Media to your best advantage.


For more information about how Enotia can help you engage in Social Media to establish, grow and nurture a thriving community around your business, please contact us to discuss your requirements in confidence.

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