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Responsive Plus™

Introducing Responsive Plus™

The growth of global mobile Internet usage has made publication multi-device capable websites and e-stores mandatory for many industries, especially consumer based on-line retail.

While there are different opinions about the best multi-device publication options, most agree a Responsive Design approach is the best, and the latest innovation now available on the iASP™ platform: Responsive Plus™ takes responsive design to the next level.

A Responsive Plus™ system not only adjusts the content to suit the device it is being viewed on, it also automatically adjusts the controls and functionality to deliver a truly device-specific User experience.

A Complete Mobile Experience

With a Responsive Plus™ website, e-store or enterprise software application there's no need to compromise on the inclusions available on mobile devices.

The technology is capable of adapting even the most complex of desktop computer interfaces into a Mobile-friendly format.

The example pictured here is of a sophisticated Access Management function, which you can see is equally at home on a mobile device as it is on a desktop.

Wholly Owned Technology

One of the primary benefits of a website, e-store or enterprise software application powered by the iASP™ platform is that you deal directly with the developers.

That means an immediate and decisive response to all technical issues and the promise of ongoing innovation and evolution of one of Australia's first and most trusted Internet publication platforms.

Responsive Plus™ is just the latest in a succession of generational technology developments that gives iASP™ platform clients a competitive advantage in the combined art and science of simultaneous multi-device publication.