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Use Keyboards Shortcuts to Save Time and Pain

Use Keyboards Shortcuts to Save Time and Pain

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Use Keyboards Shortcuts to Save Time and Pain

If only I knew about Ctrl + Z!

I have a confession. It took almost 10 years working in the Internet industry before in 2008 I finally studied up on keyboard shortcuts...and I soon realised the cost of this oversight.

Keyboard short cuts now save me lots of time everyday, but the all powerful (Ctrl + Z = undo on most Windows based systems) is my favourite.

Many times when editing content I've mistakenly deleted a paragraph or a page or even the whole document. Before I learned Ctrl + Z my only solution was to have a little cry and re-do the work.

If you use a keyboard and you don't use keyboard shortcuts you're just wasting time.

Apart from Ctrl + Z, for me the 3 other most important keyboard shortcuts are (Ctrl + A = select all) and (Ctrl + C = copy) and (Ctrl + V = paste). If you've got a favourite let us know and we'll be sure to pass it on.

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Tony Bartlett | Friday, 17 May 2013 8:39:17 PM
Oh, and I forgot to mention CTRL + Y, which is Redo on most Windows systems...extremely handy when editing spreadsheets!