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Use Cross-Browser Testing to Your Advantage

Use Cross-Browser Testing to Your Advantage

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Use Cross-Browser Testing to Your Advantage

Time is Money...so here's a valuable tactic...

As software developers, we're constantly testing our work, and we advise clients using the iASP™ cms to always check the live changes they make to their websites.

Many platforms on the Internet provide access on an individual user basis...so just because something looks OK to the administrator does not necessarily mean it's OK for all other user levels.

For reasons highlighted in a recent post, it's important to test everything from the perspective of all users, and here's our number one tip for saving time doing this:

Use multiple browsers.

When using a web browser such as Firefox, new windows or tabs always open with your current login status, however, opening a new browser will not. So you can quickly login to the new browser for testing purposes and you can then return to the original browser without having to log back in.

We hope this helps...let us know if it does...or if you've got any other time saving tips drop us a line.

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