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Personalising the e-commerce Experience

Personalising the e-commerce Experience

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Personalising the e-commerce Experience
As a leading provider of e-commerce solutions for more than a decade, we're always striving to meet demands for new functionality that satisfies the current and future requirements of the hundreds of clients using our iASP shopping cart and the hundreds of thousands of customers who in turn purchase goods and services via desktop and mobile devices using our technology.

To that end we are pleased to announce the release of new advanced adjustment and shipping rules that now allow for practically any adjustment imaginable at the checkout based on any combination of individual customer attributes, product attributes or transaction attributes.

For example, a vendor can now offer 50% off shipping to customers named Paul who purchase XXL Blue T-shirts on Tuesdays between 4:00pm and 5:00pm!

In the lead up to Christmas we're releasing more exciting new e-commerce functions, so please watch this space!

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