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Cross-browser Performance

Cross-browser Performance

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Cross-browser Performance
Unfortunately for website developers, and website owners, the major web browsers, Chrome (52.9%), Firefox (27.7%), Internet Explorer (12.6%), Safari (4.0%) and Opera (1.6%), all handle websites differently.

A website that looks fine on a device in Safari, may have problems when viewed in Firefox.

This age old issue has been greatly confounded by the explosion of smartphone and tablet browsing, which adds another level of complexity to the problem.

Over time, experienced web developers accumulate a list of methods and tactics they have used to combat cross-browser compatibility issues.

A useful resource containing many of these known tactics (often referred to in the trade as "browser hacks") can be found here: http://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/browser-specific-hacks/.

If you know of a browser hack that will save web developers time and hassle, please tell us.

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