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CSS Tricks You May Not Know About

CSS Tricks You May Not Know About

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CSS Tricks You May Not Know About
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a language used to describe web pages' font colours, area sizes, and element positions.

As well as ensuring design integrity, CSS3 (the current version) can also control the interface that user experience based on the viewing screen. This is called Responsive Design or Adaptive Design.

Dependent upon screen size, page elements can adapt by resizing and repositioning to fit the device.

Using CSS, a single website can appear optimised for both a mobile phone and a desktop monitor.

CSS also dictates another key user interface element.

In HTML5, CSS is taking the place of Gif, Flash, and Javascript to display animations.

This simpler way of animating is being embraced because of the limitations of Gif animation and the incompatibility of Flash with many mobile devices.

That leaves CSS and Javascript.

In a battle between the two, our money is on CSS because of the increased performance.

Less computation power is required using CSS and transitions are smoother than they would appear in Javascript.

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