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4 Current Super Über KickStarter Projects

4 Current Super Über KickStarter Projects

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4 Current Super Über KickStarter Projects

KickStarter is creating a global buzz as a powerful way to gain funding to get new projects off the ground. 

Since the website's launch in 2009, over 60,000 projects have been funded, with over US$1 billion being pledged by over 6 million people around the world. 

A couple of  notable projects that have been kickstarted:

  • The Oculus Rift, a Virtual Reality headset famous for being bought out by Facebook owner Mark Zuckerburg, which received almost US$2.5 million in pledges from backers

  • Reading Rainbow, a project restarted by LeVar Burton (the actor who played Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: Next Generation), a free for schools digital library project to teach children to read. This project smashed expectations when it reached its US$1 million target in just 12 hours!! The project currently has over US$4 million with 6 days to go. Check out the project on Kickstarter

While Kickstart may be better known for projects in creative industries such as fashion, design, art, music, games or theater, there's plenty of notable projects in the Technology category that caught the eye of the Hub Com Digital team.

Here's a few Technology projects we think are great ideas...

  1. Umbrella USB: A little USB jack that you can plug in between your USB charger cable and a USB port which eliminates the threat of data theft via "Juice Jacking". The is especially handy if you use computers on public networks to charge your devices.
    This project has pledges of almost double it's US$10K target with another week to go.

  2. Sherlybox: The Sherlybox is described as a cloud without the cloud. It allows you to manage and share your files securely without the need for a public cloud service like DropBox or Google Drive; and the software with it allows teams to work on the same files without over-riding one another. Pretty cool.
    This project has pledges of almost US$120K, nearly double it's target with 8 days left.

  3. iFind: Keep losing things? Stick an iFind tag on it and you'll never have trouble finding it again. iFind is battery free, and communicates with your smartphone device via BlueTooth to help you locate an item that has been tagged, or to notify if a tagged item is out of range. And if you lose your phone, you can find it with an iFind tag. Perfect!
    This project has attracted more than 20 times it's target pledges with more than US500K raised with 4 days to go.

  4. The 360cam: Billed as the world's first full HD 360 degree camera. This uber-cool device allows image and video capture of full 360 degree panorama's from the palm of your hand.
    No wonder this project has attracked over 3,000 backers who have pledged nearly US1.2M a whopping 800% of it's goal - and the best news is there's still 8 days to go to get on board!

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