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Cross-browser Performance

Cross-browser Performance

Cross-browser Performance
Unfortunately for website developers, and website owners, the major web browsers, Chrome (52.9%), Firefox (27.7%), Internet Explorer (12.6%), Safari (4.0%) and Opera (1.6%), all handle websites differently.

A website that looks fine on a device in Safari, may have problems when viewed in Firefox.

This age old issue has been greatly confounded by the explosion of smartphone and tablet browsing, which adds another level of complexity to the problem.

Over time, experienced web developers accumulate a list of methods and tactics they have used to combat cross-browser compatibility issues.

A useful resource containing many of these known tactics (often referred to in the trade as "browser hacks") can be found here: http://css-tricks.com/snippets/css/browser-specific-hacks/.

If you know of a browser hack that will save web developers time and hassle, please tell us.

How Does Cloud Computing Work?

How Does Cloud Computing Work?

How Does Cloud Computing Work?
From a 'cloud', you can run software applications over the internet without needing to buy, install, or manage your own servers. The resources are retrieved online through web-based tools and applications rather than a direct connection to a server. This type of system allows people to work remotely.

Well known companies, like Dropbox and GE.tt, have adopted this technology to deliver services. They make it easy to keep local synchronised copies of files on multiple devices while maintaining a copy in the 'cloud'. Perhaps the most famous users of could computing are social media websites including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

The fundamental functionality of cloud computing means that entrepreneurs can focus on their businesses rather than on their software. All they need is a browser. How awesome is that?

Don't Want to be Tracked? How to Clear Your Mobile Browser Data

Don't Want to be Tracked? How to Clear Your Mobile Browser Data

Don't Want to be Tracked? How to Clear Your Mobile Browser Data
Whether you are or aren't aware, if Safari is your browser on your iPhone or iPad, your data is being collected for several reasons. This isn't as terrible as it sounds because it helps to speed up browsing and store login information, but this doesn't mean that security is not a concern.

Following Facebook's recent security failure in disclosing personal details, many are worrying about data saved by Safari and other browsers on local devices. Data collected about your usage can be used for tracking purposes, but if this is something that makes you uncomfortable, there are options.

If you'd rather not be tracked, you can clear the saved data from time to time.
These are the steps to clean your browser data:

1. Go to the Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
2. Scroll down to locate Safari and tap it.
3. Scroll down and tap on Advanced.
4. Tap on Website Data.
5. Scroll down through the data stored by Safari and tap on Remove all Website Data.
6. When prompted with a confirmation, tap Remove Now.

Every once and a while, repeat this process if you'd prefer not to be tracked.

Happy New Financial Year

Happy New Financial Year

Happy New Financial Year

In the blink of an eye the new financial year is apon us.

The global economy is still in a state of flux and many local Australian business operators are already experiencing tough times, due in no small part to both the current state of national politics and the looming federal election, which inevitably leads to a slow down across many sectors.

At times like these business needs to work as smart as possible, and my number one tactic - and new financial year resolution - is simply get with the program.

What does that mean you ask?

There are so many time saving programs (software tools, apps and plugins etc.) now available that the day to day operations of a business do not have to be such hard work.

Likewise the Internet and in particular e-commerce has reduced the hassle of some menial and time consuming tasks from once taking hours to just minutes.

For example, some vendors like Officeworks deliver orders placed before 11:30am in capital cities on the same day...so why would you battle traffic, check-out queues and your office stairs when in a fraction of the time you can arrange for goods to be delivered right into your reception area!

When it comes to your existing systems and software, make it a priority to be sure your suppliers are doing their part to upkeep the technology with the latest capabilities.

In our case we've been sure to keep our website development technology capabilities at the forefront of the mobile Internet revolution.

It's also a good time to review the terms and options vendors offer. For example, one software vendor we deal with offers a full purchase option for around $3,000.00. Alternatively, an annual subscription to their cloud based service is around $50.00 per month.

The moral of this article is be pro-active and look for ways to save time and money, which can be re-purposed for other initiatives that have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Use Keyboards Shortcuts to Save Time and Pain

Use Keyboards Shortcuts to Save Time and Pain

Use Keyboards Shortcuts to Save Time and Pain

If only I knew about Ctrl + Z!

I have a confession. It took almost 10 years working in the Internet industry before in 2008 I finally studied up on keyboard shortcuts...and I soon realised the cost of this oversight.

Keyboard short cuts now save me lots of time everyday, but the all powerful (Ctrl + Z = undo on most Windows based systems) is my favourite.

Many times when editing content I've mistakenly deleted a paragraph or a page or even the whole document. Before I learned Ctrl + Z my only solution was to have a little cry and re-do the work.

If you use a keyboard and you don't use keyboard shortcuts you're just wasting time.

Apart from Ctrl + Z, for me the 3 other most important keyboard shortcuts are (Ctrl + A = select all) and (Ctrl + C = copy) and (Ctrl + V = paste). If you've got a favourite let us know and we'll be sure to pass it on.