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4 Essentials for Planning Videos

4 Essentials for Planning Videos

4 Essentials for Planning Videos

Last month we explained that half of all online customers had more confidence in products after watching a video, and a third bought the product after being influenced by the video. Pretty good reasons to incorporate video into your online shop!

Everyone with a Smartphone or Tablet has a video camera, but like all online content, if it isn't engaging it will just be ignored.

Here's our 4 essential tips to plan videos that will engage and inform your customers effectively...
  1. Know your purpose - Why are you making this video? Are you showcasing your products? Providing instructions to help customers? Maybe something more creative?
  2. Know your audience - Tailor your language and content to your audience. Will they understand technical terms? Do they expect/need to see a full product demonstration? Do they want to hear about the manufacturing process?
  3. Where will you publish? - Youtube is King, but there are other video platforms. Will you publish your videos exclusively on your website? Will you broadcast over many different websites?
  4. Measuring your Results - How will you measure success? The total number of views? How many times your video is shared? Sales generated by your video? What tools will you use?

Consider our 4 essentials when planning videos to enhance your online store...and who knows, you just might create the next viral video sensation!

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Is Social Media a Good Choice for Your Business?

Is Social Media a Good Choice for Your Business?

Is Social Media a Good Choice for Your Business?
A big part of our business is dedicated to helping our clients successfully engage in Social Media.

We see the positive effects every day, but Social Media is not for every business.

Here's our Social Media compatibility check-list:

  • Audience:
    Does your product / service appeal to an audience that justifies the effort?
    If you supply specialised parts for an aircraft manufacturer chances are you won't appeal to a large enough audience to deliver return on investment and your efforts to engage customers could be better spent elsewhere.

  • Shareability:
    Is your product / service something your audience will be happy to share with their friends?
    Treatments for certain diseases may not be something your customers are happy to tell the rest of the world they are using!

  • Resources:
    Do you have the time, money and people with the knowledge and skills required to successfully engage in Social Media? If you don't have the people on staff, do you have the resources to out-source?
    Social Media requires a long term investment of time and money, but that's only part of the story.
    Social Media requires a team effort from all stakeholders in your business and demands a level of knowledge, certain skills and importantly the motivation to be successful.

If you're not sure whether or not Social Media is right for your business, here's my number 1 tactic: look at your competitors!

If your competitors are successfully growing communities and engaging their customers it means you can check off Audience and Shareability from the list, and this will probably provide you with all the motivation you need.

So it becomes a matter of Resources: Time, Money and People (either internal staff or out-sourced personnel).

More about this over coming weeks.

How to Plan Meaningful Content

How to Plan Meaningful Content

How to Plan Meaningful Content

The most difficult part of any social media continuous marketing strategy is to generate meaningful content. It can be daunting, but a content calendar is a great way to start.

Choose topics relevant to your business and plan the days that you'll write about each topic. Schedule staff to contribute because, ultimately, their skills and relationships with clients comprise the knowledge and capabilities of your business. It's also great to periodically reference industry related news, but be sure that you choose reliable sources.

Remember that it's important to keep your company's voice consistent, so all content should pass through your Community Manager before it's shared with the world.

Submit a Google Local Business Listing

Submit a Google Local Business Listing

Submit a Google Local Business Listing
Our Best Mobile Strategy Tactic:

Here's a no-brainer starting point for your mobile strategy: Submit a Google Local Business Listing.

If you're not sure how, here's another pearler for you...Google it!

A huge percentage of mobile search is local...and a huge percentage of results lead to a direct visit...so claim your share now and stop giving up the high ground to the other guys.